Firearms Training

Upcoming Classes and Events


Fundamental Handgun 08.19.2012 0830 - 1630 Basic Handgun Training $135.


Intermediate Tactical Rifle 09.30.2012 0830 - 1630 Intermediate Rifle Training $125.


Fundamental Handgun 10.28.2012 0830 - 1630 Basic Handgun Training $135.


Fundamental Rifle NOV TBD 0830 - 1630 Basic AR Rifle Training $135. OPEN




Gray Ops Firearms Specialty Training is our preferred firearms training specialist.


Gray Ops Firearms Specialty Training, Inc. was formed in June 2011 to create a firearms training company that fills the void between black and white…Hence “Gray Ops”.

Gray Ops was founded out of a strong desire to provide extremely realistic firearms training as it relates to real world situations and environments.  We work extremely hard to bring you the most up to date and real life firearms training available in the present day to improve your skills.  "We do not rise to the level of our expectations.  We fall to the level of our training"

Gray Ops is defining new training standards in our industry, which reflect a high caliber of expertise, organization, and professionalism.

We believe that Gray Ops provides the most comprehensive and intensive firearms training programs available in the private sector today and the students who are accepted into Gray Ops training programs are an elite group.  The training is challenging, can be dangerous and consequently, is not intended for everyone.  In order to ensure high-quality and meaningful training to all those attending Gray Ops courses, please review and carefully consider the following:

Our courses are not administrative in nature; they are specifically designed to place individuals and teams under the type of duress that closely simulates the stress of real-world confrontations.

Our courses are designed for the beginner, advanced, and highly developed operators, not those wishing to simply check the box for another certificate.

Our courses are designed to impart a genuine capability to those who intend to bring the data, concepts, tactics and training methodologies back to their respective departments, teams, and protective operations.

Those attending training should arrive mentally prepared to receive new concepts.  They should be prepared to give them a fair evaluation and demonstrate a strong spirit to apply them during the practical training blocks.

Gray Ops staff members are required to maintain a “show you” capability; nothing required of the students will fall outside of the following sequence: 


– Tell You – Show You – Allow You – Evaluate Performance – Repeat –


Staff members serve as instructors, mentors, and will always strive to maintain a teachable attitude.  We are here for you before, during and after you attend our course(s) to offer you what you need when you require it!